Environment and local tradition

Rediscovering the true flavours of the earth

Il Borro is an organically and sustainably managed estate and the Orto del Borro embodies its principles. Respect for the cycle of the seasons and natural balances and the safeguarding of local seeds and crops make the harvest genuine and varied, while at the same time preserving the fertility of the land. Love for nature also means respect for the animals that live there, which is why we raise laying hens on the land and in the open air for the production of organic eggs. In the Orto del Borro, there are also 30 beehives, not only for the production of organic honey, but also to support the biodiversity of the flora of the entire Estate.

“Cultivated garden”

The Orto del Borro is an organic “cultivated garden” of three hectares in which only seasonal vegetables are grown, notable for their freshness, quality and authentic flavour. Continuous research and the selection of traditional seeds, which had sometimes been lost, but which are the highest expression of the territory, like the Small Tuscan Tomato. The organic crops grown at the Orto come from a production system based on respect for the seasons and the management of natural balances – aimed at limiting the depletion of soil, water and air resources – which thus make the harvest unique and so rich in biodiversity.
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Attention to animal welfare

As in the more traditional local farms, organic hens are bred for the production of organic eggs, which go to complement the Organic Box. The hens are free-range and have access to the open air, to assure their wellbeing. There are over 200 fowl, including Valdarno white, Livorno white and Tuscan red hens, free to roam and fed only on wild-growing grasses and organic birdseed from the Estate itself.
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Beekeeping plays a crucial role in the company philosophy, which places the environment and the ecosystem more generally at the heart of its daily activities. For this reason, the Orto del Borro cannot but be home to the most “princely” insects on planet Earth: bees. Queen bees, drones and worker bees have colonised the organic nature reserve in which the Estate is set and where the 30 or so hives are located. The 1,100 organic hectares, in which the beehives are located, allow entirely organic honey to be produced – an expression of the territory itself.
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The rediscovery of ancient grains

The Orto del Borro boasts 3 hectares devoted to the production of organic cereals, both for the feeding of the animals that live in the Estate and for the production of flours, pasta and cereals. In 2019, indeed, the cultivation of organic low-gluten wheat and spelt and organic, gluten-free buckwheat began. Ancient grains that once again highlight the distinctive features of the local territory and are the basis of high-quality organic products.
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