A nutritionist’s tips

Live food and healthy food:
seasonality and a short supply chain

Nutritional biologist Lucia Bacciottini has taught us about living food and wholesome food. Seasonality and a short supply chain are in line with this principle and assure the best nutrient intake… all this in a box of mixed organic vegetables, delivered directly to your home every week.

Doctor Lucia Bacciottini.
Profile of a nutritionist.

Lucia Bacciottini is a nutritionist biologist, PhD in Applied Pathophysiology and specialised in Food Science. She has conducted research and lectured in Neuropharmacology and Internal Medicine at the University of Florence for 15 years. For 10 years she was a lecturer at the Florentine branch of New York University on the "Master Abroad in Nutrition" programme. She has worked as a freelance nutritionist for 20 years and has taught at CNM Italia for over 10 years. She is a consultant nutritionist for the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence.

Discover how to use your vegetable Box

You’ve just received the vegetable Box. Don’t look at it as a mere box of vegetables – it’s a box of veritable nutritional treasures that can be used to produce fantastic results.

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The courgette

It is a typical late spring-summer vegetable with a low calorie content (21-22 Kcal per 100 g) but a high nutritional value: it is therefore an optimal food for everyone.

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The aubergine

The aubergine (or eggplant) is a vegetable that belongs to the Solanaceae family, whose scientific name is Solanum melongena, with its characteristic purple colour (with varying intensity) due to the presence of anthocyanins; it is a typical summer vegetable, depurative, low in calories and rich in fibre.

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Fibre is making a dramatic comeback in our diets: we hear about it everywhere, even many commercial products are now labelled ‘rich in fibre’

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(Swiss) chard is a green leafy vegetable and is one of the key vegetables of the power of green in the vegetable garden. It is a typical spring vegetable that is light, digestible and refreshing.

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The asparagus

It is a late spring vegetable, detoxifying and diuretic, the best common being GREEN in colour, but there are also other varieties ranging from white to purple, with different flavours but the same nutritional properties

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