A continuously growing project

The Orto del Borro project is constantly growing and important innovations are being planned by Vittoria.

Among the main ones, the production of:

– Ancient grains and spelled with low gluten content, gluten-free buckwheat to produce artisanal pasta, and flours to make homemade bread, pizzas, biscuits, sweets, puffs and cakes under the Il Borro brand.

– A line of organic tomato sauces and gravies to dress homemade pasta;

– Compotes of vegetables (pumpkin, onions, etc.) that can be paired with wines produced at Il Borro.

– Strawberries, blackberries, persimmons, and cherries from Il Borro for breakfast jams.

In addition, Vittoria’s dream is the production of cheeses such as ricotta (from sheep breeding), and the start of the fruit supply chain. The aim is the one of planting suitable plants for the territory, due to its particular morphology. These include the Yellow Apple of the Pianacee, the Flat Apple of the Cellars, the Diacciata, the Tuscan figs, the cherry trees of the Cassero and so on …

The ambition is the one of rediscover varieties now unavailable or abandoned over time, the result of memories whose traces can still be found in the surroundings of Il Borro. For now only a dream, but perhaps soon the project “native orchards of Il Borro” will be a reality.